the dance of growth

there’s a country song from the early 90’s that has a line about taking two steps forward and one step back in a relationship…i really can’t remember the name of the song or the artist but that theme has always stuck with me. i don’t disagree with growth feeling like two steps forward and one step back and sometimes even one step forward and two steps back. but lately i’m starting to view growth as a dance, sometimes awkward, sometimes your toes get stepped on or you step on another’s toes, sometimes you trip, sometimes you bump into another couple, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, but once in a while, there’s a moment, a few perfect steps that are magical when light and color swirl past in a kaleidoscope and it seems that you and your partner are the only people on the planet and that your feet aren’t even touching the dance floor. i’m in a place of growth right now both personally and professionally. more often than not i feel as though i’ve shown up in shoes that pinch my toes and i’m spending my time tripping over the edge of my dress and stepping on my partner’s toes. but every so often, i manage a few perfect steps, in time with the music, in sync with my partner, and it feels more like flying than dancing… so i continue with my clumsiness, my awkwardness and my bruised feet because the moment of flight and kaleidoscope of color are worth it all…because each time i’m closer to becoming who God created me to be…


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