the ho shirt goes to mister tiki’s

friday night i donned the ho shirt and headed out to mister tiki mai tai lounge with my friends. they were taking me out to celebrate my 38th birthday. it was way too much fun…we laughed and ate and laughed and drank and laughed and ate some more. if you’re ever in san diego, i totally recommend you check out mister tiki’s… get the feast. lots of fun, lots of food, but as is often the case, i’m easily distracted by way yummy food. so back to the topic at hand…

we (the women of my small group and a couple other friends)were going out to the gaslamp–an opportunity to wear the ho shirt. since we were leaving right after work, i brought it to work. it hung around my cube for the day…one of the guys in my office area tried to get one of the other guys to try it on…i think the shirt was more than a little afraid. fortunately, he declined and the shirt was safe. i changed into it at the end of the day and headed out to meet the girls…i must say the shirt was quite complimented and admired, even while it was on the hanger…but as much fun as the ho shirt and i had (really you don’t expect me to tell all, do you?)there is something i realized while we were out celebrating

i’m so blessed… i’m blessed with friends who made me feel extra special, who know me…friends who care about me, who put up with the good and the bad of me and choose to help me celebrate… i’m so blessed by this group of women…by their presence in my life, by who they are and who they encourage me to be…

so thank you my friends…for my wonderful birthday celebration, for your gifts, for your kindness, but most of all for being who you are and sharing your life with me.


1 Response to “the ho shirt goes to mister tiki’s”

  1. 1 Kat 5 September, 2005 at 2:45 pm

    That was a great night out Mindi! Thanks for the warm fuzzies..all your girlfriends LOVE you! Oh and by the way, if I have not said it enough I LOVE reading about the adventures of your ho shirt…it is fast becoming a fav for me (among all your insight into life and youth ministry of course :-).

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