still water

this afternoon, i found space to breathe. i left the office early–the weather was beautiful. i took the trolley down to seaport village, a total tourist trap, but it has a fabulous bookstore called the upstart crow. i went to the upstart crow, poked around for a little bit and then got the best mocha drink ever–mocha amore, decaf french vanilla coffee, steamed chocolate milk and dark chocolate syrup. then i found a spot on the wall overlooking the bay and settled in to watch the sunset. there was a fog bank just offshore, past coronado island and slowly the sun was obscured by the fog. the water lapping the bank just under the retaining wall i was sitting on was somehow soothing. i began to feel like i could safely take a deep breath.

with my mocha and the sun both gone, i walked a few short blocks to anthony’s, a seafood restaurant right on the bay. they have a little fast food version called the fishette. i got a bowl of chowder and a glass of cabernet and sat at table next to the water. as the sky completely darkened, the water became still. and beside that still water, i felt my soul begin to ease, to rest. and then the words came back to me…he leads me beside still water, he restores my soul.

it may take a little more time, more still water, but my soul will be restored.


2 Responses to “still water”

  1. 1 'neice 11 February, 2006 at 7:55 am

    I love Seaport Village…tourist trap and all!

  2. 2 jlyn 12 February, 2006 at 12:38 am

    i prayed for you yesterday, i’ll pray again today, and i’ll see you in about a week!

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