home, headaches, and hibernation

i made it back home from tampa. i’m so happy to be here. it was a good trip despite the travel frustrations (including an extra long flight home from dc thanks to headwinds). the work stuff was good and i had a chance to spend some quality time with some friends who live in the area. one friend and i went to see pink panther which we both liked and he took me to a great discount bookstore. i bought 4 books there. the dance of change by peter senge, a business book i’d heard about and wanted to read. i got it for $12, a deal i was excited about. i also picked up dark night of the soul st john of the cross. it’s a classic that i’ve been curious about since we talked about it in my spiritual direction and formation class. whole prayer by walter wangerin made it into my suitcase. i’ve liked other things from him and this book intrigued me. and my final book choice was really brain candy called persuading annie i actually finished this one on the plane along with another book i bought in the dc airport which i’ll post about later.

tonite i should have been at small group, but i had a migraine coming on so i stayed home to take the medicine that will keep it from becoming full blown. i can’t drive when i take the stuff and i’m a little loopy for a bit after i take it. i hate missing my girls but it’s been nice to hibernate tonite. to curl up and veg and watch a little tv. i could go for a little more hibernation. one of my orlando friends invited me to use their home to retreat to and i’m seriously considering it. a chance to hibernate–sleep, read and process stuff going on sounds like such a great idea. maybe the bears have the right idea.


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