Yearbooks and Youth Ministry

A few weeks after my small group of middle school girls began meeting at my house, the girls discovered my old high school yearbooks and photo albums. They had a good laugh at the 80’s fashions, found pics of me & asked a few questions. I thought that would be the end of it. It so wasn’t. Every week for the rest of the 2 years we met, the first 15 minutes, the girls would pull out the yearbooks and albums and giggle, read, giggle some more, and surprisingly often ask a question that would become a deeper conversation.

That group of girls moved to high school a year and a half ago, but this past Sunday we had a reunion. We met at my house for lunch and once again the girls headed straight for my yearbooks. And once again, they opened up a couple of conversations.

It seems that looking through my old yearbooks has given my girls a look into my life as a teen that allows them to see that well, I really was once a teen. And just like them, I had homework, friends, teachers. They get a glimpse into my friendships and the boys I liked through the notes written in the books. And it’s given them permission to talk more freely about their lives, usually by starting with a question about my life as a teen.

A few tips before breaking out your yearbooks…

  • Look through them and do a little reminiscing on your own.
  • Check them to make sure your friends didn’t write something too inappropriate.
  • Have an idea of where to find you and the activities you were in.
  • Most importantly, just leave the yearbooks where they can be found and let the students lead the way in the conversation. Don’t force it or I’m pretty sure you’ll get the eye roll!

I’d love to hear how it goes if you decide to share your yearbooks!


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