Movie Girl

i like movies, but i’m picky about what i see. i tend to stick to the stereo-typical chick flicks–romantic comedies and period films in particular. i never go see anything horror, and action-adventure or sci-fi films are unlikely to interest me (notable exception this year was the star trek movie. i actually really liked it.). i typically see about 8 movies a year, but this has been a banner year.

but this has been a banner year for movies and me. i’ve already seen 14 films and the holiday movie season has 7 movies i’m excited about seeing. and i can’t think of time that i’ve been excited about that many movies in a year, much less a few weeks! here’s the list that has captured my attention:

  • did you hear about the morgan’s? (love hugh grant, love sarah jessica parker)
  • invictus (fascinated by nelson mandela)
  • the princess & the frog (promised a couple of my goddaughters to take them plus i’m pretty stoked about it!)
  • a single man (colin firth, enough said.)
  • the blind side (love sandra bullock, amazing true story)
  • it’s complicated (love steve martin!)
  • nine (looks amazing and i’m a fan of musicals. i think there should be more bursting into song in real life.)

actually, it’s been quite a year of movies for me. so far this year i’ve seen:

  • last chance harvey (completely delightful-i highly recommend it-and not just because a lot of it was filmed on location in london)
  • doubt (depressing, hated the ending)
  • the reader (depressing)
  • star trek (so much better than i would have thought)
  • julie & julia (love it. want it on dvd. want the cookbook and the le creuset stockpot)
  • harry potter & the half-blood prince
  • up (so, so good. it’s a must see for anyone)
  • the proposal (very cute)
  • he’s just not that into you (total disappointment)
  • ghosts of girlfriends past (cute, but it could have waited for dvd)
  • hotel for dogs (cute…i took my niece and her cousin)
  • all about steve (i need to write a post on this sometime)
  • old dogs
  • the boat that rocked (saw it in london; released here as pirate radio)

and since i’m listing these, i may as well mention the ones that i missed in theatres, but am catching on dvd:

  • the accidental husband
  • the ugly truth
  • confessions of a shopaholic
  • the soloist
  • bride wars
  • the invention of lying
  • the young victoria
  • amelia
  • duplicity
  • new in town

anything you’ve seen this year you’d add?


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