object lesson idea: beanboozled!

tonite for my 8th grade girls small group, our bible study was about the words that come out of our mouths. it started with one of the girls wanting to know why cussing was bad, but it was a great opportunity to talk about more than just word choice, but also about the heart and attitudes behind the words. we looked at james 3, phillipians 4:8, and matthew 12:35.

i’ve seen a number of lessons on james 3 where you use a cow tongue, usually available at the butcher counter in the grocery store, for the illustration. i checked a couple stores close to me and was told it is a ‘special order’ item. i kept mulling over what else i could do for an illustration. i started thinking about taste–maybe contrasting sweet and sour. and then in a flash of inspiration about an hour before our group met, i remembered that jelly belly had started making gross jelly bean flavors like booger & barf. i headed out to find icky jelly belly’s to mix with good ones and the lovely people at jelly belly had already created the exact mix i needed: beanboozled!

this little treat has 20 flavors of jelly belly’s in 10 colors. there’s a yummy and a yucky flavor in each color. for example, the brown one is either chocolate pudding or canned dog food. i had each of the girls choose 2 of the same color and we did a little taste test. What was fantastic (and completely unexpected) was that the yuck flavors stayed in your mouth longer and overpowered the yummy ones. It made the perfect tie-in to how oftentimes the hurtful words we hear stay with us longer and drown out the positive ones.

let me know if you use this idea or come up with other ways to use beanboozled as an object lesson.


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