100 days

i was looking at my calendar tonite and realized it’s been 100 days since i made the move from san diego to nashville. i’m a little in shock that it’s been that long. and at the same time, it still doesn’t quite feel real that i live here.

there are some signs that i really live here:

but there are 3 really important ways which make this not feel real yet:

  • i haven’t found a church home
  • i’m only just starting to meet people
  • i’m still not fully settled into my condo. it still needs a couple bookcases, a couch (having a hard time finding one i love), and to get through the last of the boxes. plus there are a few shelves to hang and some painting to trim & touch up.
  • i’m still homesick for san diego

back in 2000 when i made the move from tulsa to san diego, a wise co-worker told me to give myself a year to get over being homesick and a second year to fall in love with the place. it was true for that move and i’m reminding myself of this sage advice in the process of this move.

have you moved cross-country? what were the things or events that made the new locale feel like home?


3 Responses to “100 days”

  1. 1 Jon Cheatwood 26 October, 2010 at 5:32 am

    When we moved to California, finding something that we also had in Northern Illinois made it feel more like home. We went to Target and McDonald’s (we were still kids, so maybe we can be forgiven for that one?). While we missed our old haunts, finding new ones helped a lot (IKEA, In & Out, The Green Burrito. Sorry, this isn’t really helping you not miss CA, is it?).

    Thinking of you often. I’m glad to at least be in touch via digital means.

  2. 2 beth slevcove 26 October, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    When we moved to Maine for the year we knew we were coming back to San Diego so this got us through. (Oh shoot, this is not helping, is it?)

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