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we are all in ministry

one of the things i love about being part of a methodist church is that when we join we take a membership vow that says we promise to uphold the church (meaning Christ’s bride) and this particular local congregation through “our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.”  we reaffirm these vows anytime someone joins our local church. but i’m not sure we always fully understand what that vow means especially as it comes to service.

despite all its flaws, fallacies, and foibles, i love the church. i love that God created us to be communal people and that through the church we have a way to live that out. but i think all too often the combination of  our consumerist society and the professionalization of all aspects of ministry, we have forgotten that we have all been granted gifts and talents and by our Creator that are meant to be used for ministry and in service of our community. quite simply, either we forget or never understand, we are all in ministry.

small group at retreat

in my case, i have some solid event planning and marketing skills. a couple of the pastors at our church are aware of this gift mix in me and asked me to lead our all church retreat. not only was i happy to have an opportunity to serve, i was able to serve in a way that let me use my natural gifts and talents. i had a blast and the retreat went well. it was a way for me to take what i do vocationally and use it for ministry. over the last year, i’ve also had the opportunity to use my gifts to serve my neighbors in the community by getting involved in promoting some positive outcomes on health and safety issues facing the community. again, i used my skills to serve and this service is a way for me to reflect Christ’s love in my community–a way to minister.

it doesn’t matter what our passion and skills are–there is a place for them to be used in service to the Church and your community and in doing so, we step into ministry. through sharing ourselves and skills and talents, we can reflect Jesus and the sharing and serving become ministry.

churches and communities alike are desperate for people to stand up and say like Isaiah, “here i am! send me!”  what are ways you can offer your skills and talents to serve your church and community?


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