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baking therapy

i find baking fun. i like to bake, and i like to eat. but sometimes, baking is more than fun. sometimes it’s therapeutic.

m & m cookie dough

in the movie julie & julia, there was a scene where after a bad day at work, julie tells her husband, “I love that after a day when nothing is sure, and when I say “nothing” I mean nothing, you can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. It’s such a comfort.” as she baked a pie.

i totally resonated with that line. i love to bake as a stress reliever. it’s true–when baking, if you put the right ingredients together, in the right amounts, and bake it for the right amount of time, you end up with something beautiful and yummy. and when everything else in the world is complicated or stressful, the process of baking something is as comforting as eating the tasty result.

baking is more than stress relief. for me baking, especially from scratch, can be an expression of love. it means i care enough about someone to spend time making something i think they’ll like. it’s a way for me to show someone matters to me.

a couple of weeks ago, i made cookies. tonight i’m baking cupcakes. some will go for dessert at snack supper tomorrow night at church; some will go to my study group. tonight, i’ll have some fun baking. and tomorrow, hopefully some people i care about will have fun eating.


what about you? what do you find comforting and therapeutic? what makes you feel cared for?

few of my favorite YM things: Ikea edition

when most of us as youth leaders think of ikea, we typically think of inexpensive durable furniture for the youth room or even for our homes.  living in san diego, i was spoiled by an ikea right there. now here in nashville, the closest one is 3.5 hours away in atlanta. i realized i’m teetering on the line between affecianado and addict when, on a recent visit to san diego, i took an empty suitcase to load up at ikea. as much as i miss easy access to ikea as i set up a new home, i know i’ll miss it even more when i start volunteering with a youth group again.

here are a few reasons why:

ikea fyllen laundry basket

1. fyllen laundry basket, $7.99

this collapsible basket is highly versatile. use it as:

  • a goal for games
  • temporary storage
  • donation basket (food drive, clothing drive)
  • camp lost & found
  • tote for soggy clothes/supplies

2. picture frames: starting at .99

clips glass frames

there is a huge variety of picture frames for great prices. my favorites are these ‘clips’ in the picture. plain glass with a backing that clips the photo in place. with sharpies you can totally personalize these frames making them perfect for leader gifts or small group crafts.

plus they have a wide variety of collage frames and cool photo display supplies to use in the youth room.


3. fixa tool kit, $7.99

fixa tool kit

all the basic tools for a price you don’t have to worry if one gets misplaced or damaged. for instance, the hammer falls out of a canoe and disappears in the river. (yes, that happened on a youth trip once. and i still have no clue why that jh boy had a hammer in the canoe.)



4.  koppla 6 outlet power strip: $5.99

koppla power strip

oh, and there are 2 strips in the pack for $5.99!  i also find it’s often handy to keep one of these in my suitcase it can be hard to find enough convenient plugs in a hotel to charge all my gadgets. and on camps and retreats, as a girls leader, i’m pretty sure having these in my camp survival kit has prevented outlet overload on more than one occasion.



5. (saving the best for last) frakta ikea signature tote: .59

frakta ikea signature tote

this 19 gallon tote bag is made of polypropylene and is seriously durable. it’s perfect to pack all those odd-shaped or bulky retreat supplies like dodgeballs or 48 roll packs of toilet paper.  really great for missions trip supplies as they’ll hold tools and other heavy items plus they’re waterproof and can be washed down with soap and water.

you can also get creative with these for games–put a jr higher in one and let them go sliding down a hill, use them for relays, etc.


a slightly sad note…i realized as i was putting links into this post none of these items are available online. here’s a link to their store finder so you can find out how far you are from one…and if it’s very far, you can also get a list of all their store locations so you can take along an empty suitcase next time you’ll be near one.

a bad day

so i don’t typically post news stories, but i couldn’t resist this one from the bbc. my favorite part is, “Crocodile attacks and shootings are rare in Australia.
To suffer both at once is – to say the least – unfortunate.”

read the whole story here.

editor’s note: i just reread this post 3 weeks later and that line still just cracks me up. i mean seriously, the guy is shot while they’re trying to save him and the best way it can be described is “unfortunate”. it’s just so understated. and so part of why i love the uk.

the kiss hello revisited

it seems the brits are quite confused by the new array of greeting options with the wider acceptance of the kiss hello.

oh, how i love tim gunn

one of the very best parts of project runway is tim gunn. i’m a huge fan. i love his ‘make it work’ attitude. we quote it at work in our department a lot. tonite i watched the premiere of tim gunn’s house of style. here’s a couple of nuggets of wisdom i gleaned from this episode:

  • i can not control how i am perceived, i can only control how i’m presented.
  • my closet is in serious need of an overhaul.
  • a key to walking with confidence is to listen to my inner soundtrack…note to self: get an inner soundtrack.
  • i should buy his book.

since bravo is putting SO much time in between project runway series, i’m glad they found another vehicle for tim. if you’re looking for me on thursday’s at 10 pm… i’ll be watching tim.


i realized this evening that i have developed a new, must-visit-daily, web habit. allow me to highly recommend the bbc’s “in pictures” page(s).

this page is updated with a “day in pictures” monday-friday with highlights being posted on the weekend. photos come from all over the world. in the thursday, aug. 15 edition, photos from india, japan, kenya, bulgaria, and germany among several others are featured and cover everything from a horse jumping competition to the commeration of japan’s wwii surrender. it’s also interesting to read the news from a non-american perspective.

so, there you have it, my recommendation of a spot on the internet not to be missed.

why i love lucy

lucille ball is my favorite actress and this month she’s the star of the month on turner classic movies.

my love of lucy began my senior year of high school. my parents were going thru a divorce and i spent quite a bit of time with my aunt & uncle. my aunt would watch i love lucy every night on tvland and i’d watch along with her. it didn’t matter how hard things were at the moment–lucy and ethel’s antics would always crack me up. ever since, no matter how blue i’m feeling, lucy can cheer me up. i also find myself occasionally getting into a pickle that leaves someone saying i have some ‘splainin’ to do.

i became curious about her as i kept hearing snippets about her life and so i started reading books about her. when her autobiography was released, i received it for christmas and read it in a single setting. i learned not only was she quite beautiful and talented, she was also brilliant and savvy. she created the concept for the i love lucy show. when her marriage to desi ended, she became the first woman to head a studio…desilu productions–which produced star trek and the andy griffith show. she was a trailblazer in her industry.

but the two things i think i admire most about lucille ball is her tenacity and her capacity to love unconditionally. she persevered thru a variety of tough situations, being labeled a communist during the mccarthy hearings and nearly blacklisted not to mention her divorce from desi. and she loved dearly her mother and grandfather who raised her with some very strange and often harsh parenting styles. and despite their divorce, she and desi remained devoted to each other speaking to each other nearly every day until his death.

and so now you know why i love lucy… and in case you’re wondering, my favorite episode of i love lucy is episode 113, l.a. at last, original airdate february 7, 1955 featuring guest star william holden. it’s the one where lucy catches her fake nose on fire. i have a lucy doll based on this episode, complete with a fake nose with a burnt tip.

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