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6 random things about me

i was tagged by my friend max, and as the only person he tagged, i feel special and a little bit honored as well as compelled to post this now, just after reading his post. so here goes:

1. hi, my name is mindi and i’m addicted to shoes. there are currently 21 pairs by my front door. we won’t talk about how many are behind the couch, under the bed and in the closet.

2. i love seasonal dishes. i have themed serving plates and dishes for christmas, valentine’s day, and easter.

3. for my 14th birthday, my parents gave me a canon ae-1 set: camera body, flash and a couple lenses. over the years, i added an auto-advance, more lenses, filters, etc. i was a photographer for the hs yearbook and newspaper and continued into the first couple years of college and then burnt out and sold it all. in the last year, i’ve really begun to miss having a great camera.

4. i really need to update the photos in my house. the pics of my neices and nephews that are up show the oldest at 8. he’s now 16.

5. my favorite website is the bbc in pictures page. it’s updated daily.

6. two of my closest friends were born within a week of me. one, i’ve known since birth; the other since sophomore year of college. i enjoy reminding both of them that i’m the youngest even if it is only by 6 or 5 days respectively.

and there you have it. 6 random things about me. as for tags, if you’re reading this & haven’t done this meme, consider yourself tagged.

random fact meme

i was tagged by gman

rules to play
1. players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
2. those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
3. players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

1. i sometimes think that heaven should sound more like cheering joyfully when your team wins than a choir.
2. i think the thought above could have something to do with i can cheer really loudly, but i have a terrible singing voice.
3. i currently have 9 purses and 16 pairs of shoes in rotation (out of the boxes–ready for easy use)
4. i keep all my shoe boxes–the shoes stay better longer and they’re easier to store.
5. i’m attempting to knit my first baby blanket for a friend’s baby who should be here soon.
6. i’m currently addicted to izze clementine and starbucks reduced-fat orange creme coffee cake.
7. my all-time favorite children’s book is thee hannah! (i’ll blog about this separately someday soon).
8. i recently became a brunette. now i just need to pick a new style.

i tag:


i’m so weird meme

please, no comments from the gallery, but i was tagged by jay to do this meme.

i list 6 weird things about me and then tag six others to do the same. so, here goes.

1. i secretly wish i’d been a broadway and/or ballroom dancer. i will, just because i can and because i live by myself, dance my way across the house. it all started when i watched american bandstand as a kid and i would try and imitate the moves i saw on tv. oh, and in case you aren’t aware of this about me, i’m a total klutz which makes being a professional dancer pretty laughable as a career option for me. of course, i’m not as bad as elaine in seinfeld.

2. if i could play any character in any musical on broadway, i’d want to play gertie in oklahoma just because i’m great at doing the obnoxious laugh. i don’t laugh like her really, but it is a little fun on occasion.

3. i love guys with british, irish or australian accents. really, if you have one of the accents, i already think you’re cute. i’m also fond of southern accents. this is reflected in my top 5 choices of men to be stranded on an island with: (in no particular order) hugh jackman, hugh grant, colin firth, harry connick, jr., & alan rickman. i know the alan rickman part is seriously weird, but i think it has something to do with the ridiculous number of times i’ve watched sense & sensibility.

4. i have this weird habit of holding my arms at my sides, bent upwards at the elbow, and then my hands kind of dangle down from my wrists. marko calls this posture “t-rex hands” and mocks me when i do it. because of this, i don’t do this nearly as often which is good because it does look really weird.

5. i get freaked out by icky feet. callouses, corns, bunions, gross toe nails–eewww! it’s not like i’m fascinated by good feet; i just get seriously icked out by gross ones. if i ever get married, my hubby will have to learn to like regular pedicures.

6. when i get really tired, i rub my face, my ears and mess with my hair. i don’t know why, but i do. and when i catch myself starting to do that, it’s time for me to say good night and go to bed.

so, there it is. 6 weird things about me. i’m sure there are more…and if you think you know some, well, keep it to yourself. i probably know some weird things about you too ;).

and now to tag 6 others–alex, lizzy, johny b, marko, josh, & max.

five things you don’t know about me

as mentioned in the previous post, i was tagged for this meme by jay.

so, here goes:

1. the weirdest holiday i’ve had was thanksgiving in ’90. i was opening a chili’s restaurant in edmonton, ab, canada and they don’t have thanksgiving when we do. i sat with 4 other american trainers and we had cheeseburgers and talked about what we’d be doing if we were home with our families. that evening the franchise owner invited us to his home for dinner and he and his wife put on an american style thanksgiving dinner for the five of us americans. it’s a fond memory.

2. i have a reputation in my family for teaching the next generation all kinds of mischevious things like how to lick & stick gummi bears, burping loudly, etc. the latest thing i taught one of the kids was how to floss his nose even though i’ve never actually flossed my own nose.

3. my selfish wish is to one day wear a beautiful ballgown and be whirled around a dance floor like anna is by the king in the the king & i. if you click on the trailer, you get a glimpse of the scene i’m referring to.

4. i have a 7ft artificial charlie brown christmas tree. seriously, the thing is scraggly and ugly but by the time i get all my ornaments (i have a huge collection) and lights on it, it turns out to be a rather pretty thing. just like charlie brown’s.

5. i decided i wanted to follow jesus when i was five because of a poem by christina rosseti i’d memorized for the church christmas program. it’s the last stanza of the “in the bleak midwinter” and it goes:

what can i give him
poor as i am?
if i were a shepherd,
i’d give him a lamb.
if i were a wise man,
i’d do my part.
what can i give him?
i give him my heart.

i told my mom and my pastor i wanted to give jesus my heart and that’s where my journey with him officially began.

so, enough new info about me. i tag andy, lizzy & jamie (who hasn’t posted recently but is missed).

my inner european

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!
You drink everyone under the table.

I meme

I was tagged by ianua

I AM: tired…and doing laundry.
I WANT: to feel safe.
I WISH: I were more sure of myself.
I HATE: bad manners.
I LOVE: my friends and family.
I MISS: my nephews and godkids.
I FEAR: rejection.
I HEAR: silence.
I WONDER: why_________ and/or how to_________.
I REGRET: not seizing the moment and kissing___________.
I AM NOT: brave.
I DANCE: to celebrate happy moments.
I SING: off key.
I CRY: too easily.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: motivated.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: yummy things in the kitchen.
I WRITE: for myself.
I CONFUSE: my desire to please with obligation.
I NEED: to feel cherished.
I SHOULD: finish unpacking the boxes in my house.
I START: thoughts but don’t always finish them.
I FINISH: cookie dough, usually before I bake all the cookies.
I TAG: andy, lizzy.

the power of four

the power of four

four jobs i’ve have had in my life:

1. preschool teacher
2. wedding coordinator
3. youth pastor
4. retail sales

four movies i would watch (and have watched) over and over:

1. gone with the wind
2. notting hill
3. love actually
4. something’s gotta give

four places i have lived:

1. tulsa, ok
2. stillwater, ok
3. louisville, ky
4. san diego, ca

four tv shows i love to watch:

1. grey’s anatomy
2. project runway (why, oh why don’t they do a series for both spring and fall fashion week!)
3. will & grace
4. west wing

four places i have been on vacation:

1. orlando, fl
2. switzerland
3. acapulco
4. denver, co

four websites i visit daily:


four of my favorite foods:

1. chocolate
2. popcorn
3. sushi
4. noodles

four places i would rather be right now:

1. in a hammock on a sunny beach with a cabana boy bringing me foofoo beverages
2. london, england
3. napping
4. shoe shopping

ht to jay; gman

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