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great kisses

never been kissed has been playing on amc tonite. so with that and the fact that new year’s eve is only a couple days away, i started thinking about perfect kisses.

it’s been ages since i’ve kissed someone romantically–more than a decade in fact. it just hasn’t worked out that there’s been someone in my life to kiss. i’m okay with that. as i recall, kissing was fun, but i’m okay with not wasting perfectly good kisses on mr. not-so-right, but i digress. there’s nothing like a great perfect kiss in the movies.

the one that ends never been kissed is one of my favorites. but my all time favorite movie kiss is from gone with the wind. it’s the scene where rhett tells scarlett she should be “kissed and often and by someone who knows how”.

so, what’s your favorite movie kiss? post it in the comments and if i get enough responses, i’ll post a top ten list of movie kisses.

romantic comedy

so, i’ve recently seen two romantic comedies, prime and the break-up. i was so disappointed. while they had funny moments, they just weren’t that romantic or really funny. they were more funny because it’s that painful irony you recognize from stuff in your own life and it’s easier to laugh than cry.

but this afternoon turner classic movies is making up for it showing how to marry a millionaire and pillow talk. they are two of my all-time favorites. i’m spending my afternoon vegging on the couch watching these classics.

i wonder if hollywood has forgotten what makes a truly great romantic comedy, a light-hearted script and a happy ending with everyone living happily ever after. we already get the irony, the pain and a lack of happily ever after in real life, why pay for it at the movies?

wobbling around in my head

i went with friends to see last holiday one afternoon afterwork last week. it’s ended up haunting me. now it’s a comedy mostly but it has this theme of transformation. the thoughts around my own transformation keep wobbling around in my head–what am i afraid of? what’s holding me back? how much of my old self do i have to or need to let go of? what am i stepping into? how do i step forward?

and at the moment i just don’t have the time, space or energy to be comfortable with the questions, to be able to sit with them and let them wander thru my head at a pace that doesn’t feel like finding yourself in the middle of street with a crowd of marathon runners coming at me at full speed. for now, they’ll just have to wobble about and i’ll have to find a way to be comfortable with my discomfort…

“life is a banquet

and most poor suckers are starving to death!” is a line from one of my favorite books and movies, auntie mame. it’s one that has some personal meaning for me, but that’s a story for another day.

i mention it because it’s number 93 on the top 100 movie quotes from the american film institute. it’s playing tonite on bravo (you can catch an encore showing either saturday, october 15 or wednesday, november 23–check your local listings for times).

it’s pretty fun to watch–especially if you love movies. which makes me wonder, what’s your favorite line? mine is “after all, tomorrow is another day.” know what movie it’s from?

oh…and if you want, check out the afi’s list of the top 100 quotes.

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