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i have a love/hate relationship with nbc’s show er. tonite’s episode is a great example. the build up to the shooting was so stinking stressful…you knew it was coming but they kept building the tension and building the tension. forget must see tv. this is closer to stress me tv. i love the show so i keep watching, but i hate how they suck me in and stress me out with the storyline.


ys & the west wing

one of my long-time favorite tv shows ended last night. the west wing ended its run as the bartlett administration transitioned out and the santos administration transitioned in. one of the random details that caught my attention during the show was the chief usher and his moving plan.

i’ve always been fascinated by social studies and civics. years ago i read a book by a former chief usher at the white house. it’s now out of print, but i still have my copy. it was fascinating. the white house is set up in a manner that the residence and institution continue operating seamlessly regardless of who is running the west wing–the presidency. presidents and administrations changed but the white house has continued operating as national landmark and host home to thousands of tourists and heads of state.

i think at the moment the staff at ys is much like the behind the scenes staff at the white house. we’re entrusted with maintaining an ideal–champion the youth worker; be a prophetic voice for youth ministry in the church; train, equip and encourage the youth worker. with the passing of ownership from karla to zondervan, the administration has changed, but the behind the scenes staff at ys will continue to be true to the ideals ys has always stood for.

swept off my feet

i have to say that mikhail baryshnikov’s character aleksandr petrovsky on sex and the city is probably one of the most romantic characters since jane austen’s mr. darcy. that’s all. i just felt the need to say it.

confessions of my tv addiction

sadly, i’m currently addicted to 3 reality shows, which is more than i’ve ever been addicted to at one time. sure, i used to be into survivor. and i like the apprentice, but this is just silly. i’m addicted to skating with celebrities, the frozen knockoff of dancing with the stars and the second of my 3. the final reality show is somewhat less embarassing: project runway.

grey’s anatomy however is my ultimate must see at the moment… and last night’s episode was fabulous. i can’t wait until next sunday nite.

oklahoma trivia

at the office, there’s a running joke about all roads crossing thru oklahoma. after i started there, we’ve had 3 more staffers from oklahoma start there and we all have these weird connections to people all over the country in various aspects of our business that all have an oklahoma tie.

tonite i flipped on the food network to watch the designer wedding cake cookoff. and who knew, but it happens annually at the tulsa state fair. once again, it’s all about oklahoma.

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